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Water purifiers


The site includes water purifiers brands Soolmart (Kulmart) and NEOS (NEOS), which importiruyutsya to Ukraine in the framework of the environmental project "Clean Water - Human Health."


Since 1997, imported 3 models of water purifiers Kulmart memory type that does not require any connection to the water supply or to the mains - the model CM-101R, SM-101C and SM-201. In these initial water purifiers, removed from any source of water supply (water, pump, well, well) goes 5 levels of processing, ensuring getting a high quality of drinking water that is useful to the human


Coolmart (Kulmart)


            Model CM-101P                Model CM-101C                Model CM-201


Since 2000, were imported two models of water purifiers memory type - NEOS (NEOS NEOS-P and-C), which also does not require any connection to the water supply or the mains. These models, in contrast to water purifiers Kulmart have another one - the second level of processing of the raw
water - softening.





                            Neos-P                            Neos-C

Since 2008, imported water purifiers have become models of NEOS-VE, which podklyuchayutsya to the water supply. These water purifiers tap water passes 10 levels of processing, which provides a new class of water. This class of water was in the world title - «Real Water» (real water), «Living Water» (Living Water) and «Vital Energy Water» (Water is Life Energy). Such water has also become
known as a π-water (pi water) - the perfect water.


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